Featured Vid #1 – Fight For Your Passion

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For the first ever featured video of the day, I’ve picked devinsupertramp’s

Fighting for your passion – Inside Look at what I do for a living

Devin’s account, devinsupertramp, is one of the biggest and best adventure, sport and daredevil account on Youtube, with 2,700,000 followers. His videos are always awesome, featuring giant rope swings, to parkour, to skydiving, and this video shows how he got to where he is now.

The great thing about Youtube is that all popular channels, whether like their content or not, have had some struggle and lots of work to get to popularity. Sure, there have been some viral videos that didn’t have much work put into it, but any channel that really wants to have fans and recurring viewers most likely puts a lot of effort, time and passion into their videos. You can’t be born into Youtube fame. Devin’s video, (above) although on his second channel,┬ádevingraham, shows the path to his success, and how much work you have to put into becoming popular, just as in any other medium. Starting out as just a videographer taking cool shots of Hawaii, Devin has become a big hit on Youtube, traveling around the world, and filming with lots of talented athletes and creating many amazing adventures with zip lines, water slides, etc.

I’m sure this won’t be the last video I feature of Devin’s, so check back here every day for more of great content like this and more.

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