Featured Vid #3 – What Would You Do With $25,000?

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For the third featured video of the day, I’ve picked Casey Neistat‘s

what would you do with $25,000?

One of my favorite Youtube/Snapchat filmmakers, Casey Neistat, got the opportunity to take $25,00 from 20th Century Fox, as promotion for their now old movie The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty, and use it to inspire people and make them want to make their dreams a reality. What did Neistat do with the 25 thousand? No, not travel around the world, (he already did that) or buy a jetpack. He spent the whole budget on typhoon relief for people in the Philippines who recent had endured a typhoon and weren’t receiving a whole lot of help recovering.

This video documents Neistat’s journey from his home all the way to the Philippines, bearing truck full of supplies and food. I have to say, he did do a pretty dang good job fulfilling many people’s dreams, just as Fox asked. And he did it all alone, with no outside support from Fox. In the most unorthodox way possible, he flies to the Philippines and hand delivers the supplies to the grateful people living there.

A lot of Neistat’s videos document journeys, experiences and creations like this, all done in Neistat’s amazing film style and editing techniques. Sometime later I’ll feature Neistat’s amazing workshop video, described by Gizmodo as “The Wildly Functional Studio of Video Wizard Casey Neistat”, but if you can’t wait, I’d highly recommend clicking HERE.

Check back here tomorrow for more awesome content like this. And heck, if you love great Youtube vids, why not check back every day? (just a suggestion)

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