Featured Vid #6 – Time Travel Paradoxes

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For the sixth featured video of the day, I’ve picked Vsauce3‘s

3 Time Travel Paradoxes!!

Have you ever wanted to time travel? To avoid some pre-made mistakes, or just out of curiosity? If you said yes, I know you’re not alone, and if you said no… stop lying.

But seriously, time travel is one of the most used science fiction cliches ever, and yet no matter how many blockbuster movies continue to use this trope nobody can seem to get enough of it. Unfortunately, there are many paradoxes that happen easily when one time travels, such as the Grandfather Paradox and more. In this Vsauce3 video, Jake (not from State Farm, but from Vsauce3) cleverly weaves many of these philosophical paradoxes about time travel into one video, all the while the video *spoiler alert* is a paradox itself.

The main point that I drew from this video, although it has many, is: as much as you would like to go back in time to tell yourself to shave that ridiculous mustache, or to give yourself the answer to a important test, or not to wear that shirt to the interview, it not only is not possible but also a really bad idea.

Plus, Bill Nye has a cameo. That guaranteesĀ it’s good.

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