Featured Vid #11 – Clash Of Clans: Revenge

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For the eleventh featured video of the day, I’ve picked Clash Of Clans’

Clash of Clans: Revenge

One of the best part of the Super Bowl each year are the commercials. A lot of people, like me, watch the sSper bowl primarily for the commercials. So, being a congregator of all good video on the Internet, I couldn’t help but dedicate a couple featured videos to this year’s big game. For the next three posts, I will feature the three best commercials from this year’s Super Bowl. (In my opinion) To begin: Clash of Clans’ ad, featuring Liam Neeson.

The reason I like this ad so much is that it has the three main ingredients of a great ad: humor, a celebrity, and relatability. Humor, as it’s pretty funny to hear Neeson’s classic voice saying “I don’t know you, Bigbuffyboy85, but if you think you can humiliate me and take my gold, think again.” A celebrity, as in Liam Neeson, and relatability, as anyone who has ever played Clash Of Clans knows, you do really get that feeling of a deep and yearning desire to destroy anyone who takes your gold.

Plus, for the first time, a mobile video game (or any video game really) has made a great ad. And no, I don’t count Kate Upton riding a horse through random people beating each other up in the Dark Ages a great ad.

Check back here for the next three days to find out the next of the top three best ads of this year’s Super Bowl!

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