Best Of TED #1 – Tom Thum’s Beatbox Brilliance

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TED, the highly acclaimed venue of insightful and interesting talks, in pretty much every subject. Math, art, philosophy, economics, biology, and any other subject you may be interested in. But who knew that TED talks could be home to a whole plethora of astonishing performances not only from academics, but also from comedians, magicians, acrobats, and more. That’s why this week I will be featuring the best TED and TEDx talks given by surprisingly great speakers and performers.

And to start it off, I’ve picked Tom Thum’s amazing beatbox performance from TEDx Sydney. Tom, is a beatboxer, and as he reveals in the start of his performance, is pretty much just a guy who can make odd sounds with his voice. Although I slightly disagree; he is an extraordinarily talented guy who can make odd sounds with his voice. And he displays that perfectly in his performance, using his awesome vocal powers to mimic many styles of music from around the world, only using his voice. It’s truly amazing what one can do with just their voice, and yet we take talking so much for granted.

Even though I’ve watched this video many times, it continues to blow my mind ever time he recreates German electronic music using only his throat. What?!?

(And yes, I understand that there are many great academic TED talks out there, and hopefully sometime soon I will feature some of them. But for this week I’m only featuring the most unique, and surprisingly great TED talks.)

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