Best Of TED #3 – Lies, Statistics and TED Talks

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Here on Video Shakedown we are going to see many TED talks over the next week, and I think you need to know some things about how the TED website works. It’s a great site, with an amazing and easy to use design. The talks are rated by the general public into categories, such as funny, jaw-dropping and more. Also, the talks are put into categories so that you can browse them that way too.

Despite TED only being a platform and venue for talks, they have grown hugely popular. Almost everyone has at least seen one of the more famous ones. That prompted Sebastian Wernicke to delve deeper into what makes a good TED talk good, and to see if you could reverse-engineer a TED talk based off of pure data.

In this hilarious talk, he goes over exactly what to do and not to do when writing your talk, even to the point where certain words or phrases affect your popularity. Certain colors can even relate to certain topics or creation ratings. And who knew citing the New York Times would be such a bad idea. Huh.

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