Best Of TED #4 – The Shared Experience Of Absurdity

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Most of us have a daily routine. You go to work, (or school) grab some lunch around 12, maybe take a walk, whatever it is you do. Sometimes, we get so far into this daily routine, doing it day after day without any thought, that we forget what life is like out of this routine. And when something does happen outside of your routine, something that doesn’t happen often, like getting a speeding ticket, dropping your phone and cracking it, etc, you’ll remember it for a while.

But when something happens that’s really weird, something you’ve never seen before; like a whole park going mute at once, or a group of people bursting into some in the middle of a conference talk, you’ll probably never forget that. And that’s the kind of experience Improv Everywhere tries to create.

This TED talk, by the founder of Improv Everywhere, Charlie Todd, tells the story of Improv Everywhere. He started it just as a comedian/actor living in New York, and turned it into a city-wide prank organizer. He talks about many of his pranks, and how just by sharing an experience with someone else, it can go from creepy to funny in a matter of seconds.

Check out more of Charlie Todd’s stuff here!

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