Featured Vid #58 – Katie Couric April Fools Prank On Late Late Show

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April Fools day can bring about many pranks; some funny, some not. Unfortunately, April Fool’s Day has gotten a bad rap in recent years for bringing around not funny, but cruel jokes. But, if you’re going to go on national television to play an April Fool’s prank, it better be pretty good and received with laughter and smiles.

That’s exactly what Katie Couric did to James Corden, the new host of the Late Late Show. *Spoiler!* When coming onstage for an interview, Katie seemed to trip and tumble all the way down the stairs, which as Corden later said, they had worried about being too slippery anyway.

Everyone in the room though she had legitimately fallen, including Corden, which made the silence afterward even funnier. But finally, the real Katie Couric, not her stunt double who fell down the stairs, come out from the top of the steps. Of course, everyone laughed, including Corden. This was a funny and good-natured joke, and I would definitely like to see more, rather than cruel jokes popping up, as John Oliver points out in one of his recent videos, which you can watch HERE.

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