Featured Vid #61 – John Oliver on Government Surveillance

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*Warning – the interview contains adult humor and language*

Leave it to John Oliver, host of Last Week Tonight, to tackle the hard stories. In a clip from Oliver’s latest show, he talks about a very serious issue we all need to ponder: government surveillance. (that is, if you live in the U.S.)

Pretty soon, an old law is going to be voted on for renewal that basically allows the government to spy on anybody they want, and take anything from anybody in the country they want if they think it will help them intercept terrorist actions. That sounds debatably to say the least, and it really hurts the government’s argument to show the statistic that only one terrorist action has been stopped, and that was only a guy in San Deigo giving $8,700 to Al Queada. The only thing that came from all the surveillance.

Not only does John Oliver tell us all this and more on the subject of government surveillance, but he even went so far as to fly to Russia and interview the man himself: Edward Snowden, the now world-famous NSA whistleblower. In the interview, John Oliver does ask Snowden some hard questions, as well as, with the help of Snowden, explain in terms that we can understand, how much the government is spying on us.

Personally, I think John Oliver has been the first one since the leak to properly put the government surveillance into perspective for the American public. Props to him for that!

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