Featured Vid #64 – Life Explained In 27 Seconds

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Today’s featured video is the shortest on record out of all 64 featured videos on Video Shakedown. But, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t any worse than the rest of the videos. Created by film-maker Casey Neistat, Life Explained In 27 Seconds is an incredibly short and yet very profound video based off of a tweet by the Farrelly Brothers.

Bringing Neistat’s signature sense for style and aesthetic to even the shortest of videos, this video is brilliantly edited, has a great soundtrack, and is overall just well done. It’s truly amazing how many people can spend years trying to create an amazing video like this, and Neistat just randomly finds an old recording in his archives like this and turns it into a great, albeit short, movie.

If you want to watch a short behind the scenes of this video, you can watch Casey Neistat’s daily vlog for today, in which he talks about finding the film and creating the amazing video above. Click HERE to watch that.

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