Featured Vid #75 – Black Ops 3 Trailer

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Many of today’s problems are hard to extrapolate into the future. There are so many unexpected technological innovations that happen through the decades, it’s hard to predict what technologies will spawn what problems. Many science fiction writers don’t necessarily paint a full enough picture when creating future worlds, leaving out all the problems in the world that are there, but everyone just chooses to ignore on a daily basis.

It’s surprising, but in a recent Call Of Duty Black Ops teaser of their new game, Embers, they show a fairly realistic view into the future of our modern society. The video quickly and very dramatically flies over many innovations, changes and problems that might happen in our future world; ranging from prosthetics, to retinal implants, to even government whistleblowers telling the world about their plans to use these implants to turn the population into robotic soldiers, presumably what the game is about. Although the final plotline seems a bit far out, everything else in the video makes for a very interesting projection of our culture nowadays into the future. Not sure I’ll play the game, but it’s a great advertisement, I have to say.

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