Featured Vid #87 – The Void

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Virtual reality technology is pretty cool. It allows you to be transported to a whole new place, whether or not that place is real or fictional. You can play games using VR technology, you can train for military purposes, and you can do a lot more. But, at our current level of consumer available technology, virtual reality only comes in the form of augmented vision headsets. Gaming using this technology is quite limited. That’s what The Void is trying to fix.

The Void, a still conceptual startup, aims to add some physical reality to virtual reality games. As it’s shown in this awesome trailer for their company, The Void is going to create “Void Entertainment Centers” that will act as the physical surroundings for virtual reality games. Rather than sitting in a chair and playing the VR games, you are actually running around, feeling objects, and more. The concept is cool, the video is awesome, and hopefully the final product will be too.

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