Featured Vid #93 – Musical Impressions with Jamie Foxx

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Impressions have always been a great way to get a laugh, if you’re good enough at impersonation of big celebrities. Of course, as anything that is remotely funny (and many things not) have been explored on the Internet and Youtube, videos of people doing impressions are incredibly commonplace on the web. And, as Internet culture is slowly filtering into the “outside world” such as Late Night talk shows, this type of comedy as well and many others (challenges, mini-games with guests, etc.) are being performed and well received all over TV. Of course, impressions in general weren’t popularized by the Internet, but games with celebrities like this one on a recent episode of the Tonight Show were definitely inspired by what Youtubers are doing every day.

In the video, Jamie Foxx, an actor and singer, takes on Fallon’s Wheel Of Musical Impressions challenge, where both Fallon and Foxx take turns randomly selecting a singer and a song or jingle, and trying to impersonate that person singing that song. It produced some amazing impressions, the standout of those beings Jamie Foxx’s “On Top Of Spaghetti” as Jennifer Hudson.

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