Featured Vid #126 – Twiggy The Waterskiing Squirrel

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And for today’s dose of cuteness I present to you: Twiggy, the waterskiing squirrel. You read that right. Although most people look down upon squirrels as dumb animals, Twiggy stands up and shows that squirrels can do something that some humans can’t even do: waterski.

Ok, maybe I’m playing Twiggy up a bit here, but in this short video by GoPro, you will see Twiggy waterski, something that makes him a pretty unique squirrel. There’s not much to say about this video, besides for the fact that it is well shot, has good music, and of course, features a squirrel that can waterski.

And by the way, this isn’t GoPros first venture into animals who can do aquatic sports. Another video that GoPro made a while back featured Kama, a pig from Hawaii that can surf. Click HERE to watch that great video.

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