Featured Vid #137 – Epic Bunny’s Adventure

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Usually I would try to write an intro to my article on a certain video by saying why the video is beneficial to watch, what you’ll learn, why you’ll enjoy it, etc. In this case, it’s pretty simple: the video is just so darn cute and creative. In this video by Mr.TVCow, a bunny, called Epic Bunny, goes on an adventure complete with dragons, skeleton warriors, and more.
The basic idea is that the bunny is going on a typical fantasy-style quest, as at the very beginning a wizard looking guy is hurt and passes along a floating artifact thing to the adorable bunny. I don’t want to give any more away, as half the fun is being surprised, but I will tell you that it is a fun video. The graphics are good, the acting (by the bunny, of course) is great, and the video overall is entertaining and funny.

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