Featured Vid #138 – The Physics Of Minecraft

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Minecraft is undoubtedly one of the most popular games out there. Most gamers like it for its gameplay, the fact that it’s based off of creativity, and lots of other reasons, but most likely nobody likes Minecraft for its realistic gameplay. Even aside from the graphics, Minecraft isn’t a game where the developers spent too much effort making te game like real life. So how similar are the physics in Minecraft to the physics of real life after all?

In this interesting video by Life Noggin, you will learn all about the physics of the hit game, from its gravity to electricity. You’ll even learn about QCraft, a version of Minecraft made to demonstrate quantum physics. Who knew that such a seemingly non-educational game like Minecraft, where you mostly just build houses and kill monsters called Creepers, could be used in such a way so that you can even teach something as complicated as quantum physics.

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