Featured Vid #141 – Asia

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Earlier this morning I was at Vidcon listening to a panel about experimenting with video forms, and in the panel was the Youtuber Will Darbyshire. Although previously to this I hadn’t known about him, he played one of his videos showing how he had experimented with style to create the video above, and I immediately had to check out his channel. The movie is called simply “39.¬†Asia“, and documents Will’s travel through Asia in a very interesting way.

As you’ll know from watching the video, Asia is shot in an almost retro projector-like way, with odd but still aesthetically pleasing jumpy footage. The reason for this is that the video is entirely made of photos taken in rapid succession¬†and wasn’t even video in the first place. Will took these photos and made this amazing video through them, which is a wonderful creation in itself, but the audio is a whole other accomplishment. The authentic sounds of Asia accompanied by the beautiful photos makes for a serene and captivating video, and one that certainly experimented with form in a way that created a great result.

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