Featured Vid #148 – Canada Visual Vibe

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There are many beautiful places in the world, although only some have been documented and fully approximated for their beauty. One country that is pretty amazing yet doesn’t get much credit for it is Canada, who mostly just has the reputation for maple syrup and well-mannered citizens. In this great video by Ben Brown, in a series he calls Visual Vibes, you will be taken on journey throughout Canada in all its glory.

Ben Brown is a daily vlogger, much like Casey Neistat and FunForLouis, but when he can he likes to travel around the world making more videos for his Visual Vibes series. In the series, he travels to a place around the world and captures as much as he can from that place and makes a captivating video out of it. In this case, Ben Brown went all around Canada and captured lots of amazing shots, including many helicopter shots of waterfalls and forests, plenty of beautiful rain and snow, and even some wild bears. Overall, this video is a pretty good representation of Canada’s natural wonders and is just frankly very fun to watch.

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