Featured Vid #156 – Is Mario Evil?

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Is Mario evil? If asked, most people would say no; after all, he is the protagonist, or one of them, in the Super Mario Bros. series. He saves a princess for crying out loud, how could he be evil? Well, in this great video by Vsauce3, Jake dives into the word “evil” itself, what it means, and how Mario could be evil. And when you think about it, as the video makes you do, you learn that evil may not be a word exclusively used when describing Bowser in the series.

From the original Mario instruction booklet to how the game is played, Jake uses everything from the game to determine whether Mario could be called evil. After all, he mercilessly kills Goombas and those turtle things all the time. And while doing that, he and BrainCraft, who makes a quest appearance in the video, explore evil in humans as well, what it means, and even some fascinating real-life experiments that play with the concept of “evil”. Overall, the video is very entertaining and informative, and really dives into the core motives of one of the most famous video game characters of all time.


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