Featured Vid #166 – Sierra Leone 360 Adventure

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I’ve said before how travel Youtubers, such as JacksGap and FunForLouis, who created this video, can help you appreciate many other cultures and places. People often have a preconceived idea of places around the world, and when they visit those places not only can it be an amazing experience but it can change your whole idea of that place. Youtubers can help you do that as well by documenting their travels to these places, but often even that won’t do the trick. But in this amazing video by Louis Cole of FunForLouis, you get to see Sierra Leone in a whole new way. Aside from actually going to Sierra Leone, this is the best way to experience the culture.

Youtube recently launched a feature that allows you to upload 360 videos, meaning you can turn the video in all directions. The tech was released to be used alongside Google’s Google Cardboard, cheap, acessable virtual reality headset that is built off of Android devices. But whether or not you have Google Cardboard, you can still turn the video in every direction, and really get a feel for what it’s like to be in Seirra Leone, and its quite incredible.

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