Channel Showcase: Draw With Jazza

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YouTube is full of many, many different types of videos, from gaming to news. One of my personal favorite types of videos is artistic videos, videos that try to look visually stunning, or tell a story in an artistic way. Film-making itself is an art, and I would argue that YouTubers like Casey Neistat and devinsupertramp are artists because of the attention to aesthetic detail they put into their videos. But classic, normal art, as in drawing and painting, is fairly unrepresented on YouTube compared to every other genre. Of course, that’s not to say there aren’t any art based YouTubers; in fact, as you probably guessed, this week’s channel showcase is on my favorite art YouTuber, Draw With Jazza.

Run by Josiah Brooks, more commonly known as Jazza, Draw With Jazza is an art channel that focuses on drawing, animating, character design, and digital artwork. Jazza is a fantastic artist, and uses his skill to teach others about art and help cultivate an amazing community of artists. Jazza makes a wide variety of artistic videos that help teach digital art, character design, and animation, as well as fun, entertaining videos that anyone would like, not only people (like me) that are just interested in how he does his art.


For instance, one type of video that Jazza makes, as I said, is videos on character design. In those videos, Jazza takes a character idea, usually voted on via a livestreaming site called Twitch, and develops it into a complete character that he draws in a full portrait. These videos go through his whole design process, from sketching different elements of the character, to finalising the design, to actually making the final piece. Not only are these videos entertaining, as it is always fun to watch someone so good at art draw cool things, but they are also helpful to any aspiring artists as they give them a foundation on which they can make their own art.

As I said before, Jazza also makes videos that appeal to the general public as well, and don’t focus so much on the creative processes and more on the amazing artwork itself. He has done many speed painting videos, which consist of a time-lapse of him drawing (usually on the computer) a character or scene, and occasionally does usually hilarious videos where he tried to draw a character or characters in under 10 minutes. Essentially, his wide range of content makes it so that anyone, whether interested in how he does his art of just like to see his artwork, will have content they like on his channel.


Like many other places on YouTube, a community of people, and especially artists, have grown up around Draw With Jazza. Every month, Jazza picks a topic, such as Fear, Age Swap, and more, and anyone can submit a piece of artwork they make that fits the topic. Then, at the end of the month, he picks some winners based off of how the pieces of art fit the topic, how they look in general, and more. These contests always turn out with amazing winners, and it’s alway very enjoyable to see the results. Altogether, Draw With Jazza is great channel for artists, art lovers, and anyone who appreciates good art when they see it.


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