Featured Vid #193 – Sean Murray May Have Replaced Morgan Freeman As God

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Sean Murray is the lead developer at a video game company called Hello Games. Hello Games has made many games before, the most notable one being a fairly popular platform runner that did pretty well on the App Store. But Sean and his team wanted more, so they set out to make No Man’s Sky, a revolutionary and incredible game that takes procedural generation to the next level. I won’t explain the whole game now, but essentially it is an open world space exploration game that is set in an infinite, self-designing universe. If you don’t really understand what that means, you can read and article I wrote on Fast Forward Tech that explains the game in more depth HERE.
Anyhow, No Man’s Sky is an incredibly exciting game, and the hype surrounding it has even reached to the Late Night TV world. A couple nights ago, Sean Murray went on Stephen Colbert’s new show The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to demo the game for the world to see. Stephen did a great job showcasing the game’s incredible features, and the demo surely captured the imaginations of gamers and non-gamers alike everywhere.

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