Featured Vid #201 – 5 REAL Possibilities for Interstellar Travel

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Will we ever, or at least in the foreseeable future, be able to travel to other stars? This is a question that has plagued speculative/science fiction writers for a long time, and has certainly brought us countless books, movies and TV shows. Our solar system is cool and all, but eventually we’ll get bored with that and will yearn to venture to other star systems. But there is a problem with that: other star systems are very, very far away. No spacecraft we have ever created has any chance of getting anywhere near another star system within a reasonable amount of time. So what do we do?

That’s the topic of this video by PBS Space Time, which recently got a new host, Matt O’Dowd. In the video, Matt goes over 5 ideas for ways to get humanity to other star systems without needing a fuel tank the size of the observable universe. (which, as Matt points out in the video, is what you would need if you were to use a normal fuel engine) Altogether, the video is very interesting and informative, and tells you all about the real, exciting possibilities for interstellar travel.

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