Featured Vid #207 – Atlantis Dunes

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Ben Brown is a daily vlogger. Like Casey Neistat, FunForLouis, and more, Ben Brown shows his life for all to see every day in video form. More specifically, Ben Brown, along with FunForLouis, make their daily life interesting by traveling around the world to many exotic places and with many interesting people. But more than his daily vlogging, Ben Brown is famous for his series called Visual Vibes, where he takes his experience from a certain place and creates an artistic, beautiful film out of it. His most recent Visual Vibe, released yesterday, is from his trip to Atlantis Dunes in South Africa, and it’s pretty stunning.

In the video, Ben takes you on a journey through Atlantis Dunes, a large desert consisting of white sand dune after white sand dune. They’re pretty amazing by themselves, but Ben somehow manages to make them more amazing with his captivating shots and great videography. Altogether, it’s a great travel and artistic video, and really makes me, and most likely anyone who watches the video, want to visit Atlantic Dunes as well.

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