Featured Vid #211 – No Man’s Sky Gameplay Trailer

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I’ve featured video about this game before, and this one most likely won’t be the last. The game is No Man’s Sky, a procedural generation based space exploration game. If you aren’t already counting down the days to it’s release, read my article HERE to find out what it is. Speaking of counting down the days, a release date was finally announced a couple days ago, and it’s fairly soon: June 2016.

And with the announcement, the Hello Games team released a new trailer, and one that shows a little more of what the game is about and what’s possible inside the game universe (as in No Man’s Sky’s case, it really is a universe). It’s really quite amazing what the small Hello Games team has created, and with every new trailer and announcement the game just seems more and more amazing. If you can’t already tell, I am very excited for the release of the game, and I hope that by seeing this trailer, among the others I have feature in this site, you are as well.

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