Featured Vid #216 – Beam Me Up With Sound

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Did you know that you can use sound as a tractor beam? It’s true; scientists have been developing this for some time now, but they have finally added some maneuverability to the technology to acoustic levitation (which has been around for a couple years). This technology has the potential to be used in a wide variety of scenarios, such as moving things in warehouses, delivering medicine by controling particles in your blood, and even potentially moving humans. That’s pretty mind blowing, right? And that’s not the only subject Kevin Leiber, host of Vsauce2, talks about in today’s featured video, the 99th installment of Mind Blow.

Mind Blow is a series of videos in which Kevin talks about technologies or scientific developments that are, well, mind blowing. And this video is no exception – from the acoustic levitation to scanning the pyramids, all the things Kevin talks about in the video are pretty amazing.

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