Featured Vid #218 – Animator vs. Animation IV

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Do you ever feel like your computer is out to get you? We all sometimes feel this way, like when it crashes and refuses to reboot, or the screen freezes and won’tĀ unfreeze. But of course, we all know that this is just our imagination, and that our computers are just machines. Machines that do exactly what their programming tell them to do; although, admittedly, they do occasionally break down. For animator Alan Becker, though, ever since 2006 he has known that in his case, his computer really is out to get him.

Today’s featured video is Alan’s most recent addition to the Animator vs. Animation series, Animator vs. Animation IV. The first installment was in 2006, and ever since Alan has been adding better and better videos to the series. The plotline goes as follows: Alan is an animator, and one day he was animating a stick figure when suddenly, the stick figure started moving all on its own. First it started in the animation program it was in, but it soon expanded its sights outside of the realm of Adobe Flash. Altogether, the video is a fun and entertaining piece of animation, and really does illustrate, if in an exaggerated way, how it sometimes feels to work with these annoying (and miraculous) pieces of technology we call computers.

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