Channel Showcase: How Ridiculous

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There is a certain element of amazement and wonder when seeing an incredible trick shot, or feat in sports that takes a lot of skill, like a shot or move in soccer and catch in football or baseball. And then there are moments that are just so ridiculous that it seems impossible that such a thing could ever happen. YouTube channel How Ridiculous, run and hosted by Derek, Brett and Scott, the three members of the How Ridiculous trio. How Ridiculous is, essentially, a trick shot channel. While they only have 259,000 as of now, they do have a pretty impressive 35.5+ million views, mostly because their videos are the type that show up on your Facebook feed, or get talked about on the local news stations. Pretty much every single one of their videos has at least one or two shots that blows your mind, and that feeling of astonishment is what brings you back to watch their next video.


You may be skeptical, not believing me when I say even if you’re not a sports fan you can appreciate these trick shots. Luckily for me, How Ridiculous did my job for me and created a video that captures some of their best moments from throughout their 6-year history. (you can watch it above) From catching a frisbee thrown off a bridge to a plethora of incredible basketball shots from a variety of heights, the video contains many of the moments that make How Ridiculous stand out from the rest of the pack.

If you watch closely during the video above, you may catch a particularly crazy shot, from what looks to be much higher than any other shot in the video. And it’s true; that shot was off of Gordon’s Dam in Tasmania, and is currently the world record for the highest basketball shot ever made. At 126 meters, or 415 feet, the shot was made by Brett, and was subsequently all over the Internet because of the sheer absurdity of making a shot from that distance. The video now has a deservedly large 6 million views, and continues to blow the mind of anyone watching it, especially because of the odd path the basketball takes on the way down 415 feet. (you can watch that video HERE)

A shapshot of the basketball on its long fall down from the top of the dam.

Altogether, How Ridiculous is certainly one of my favorite trick shot channels out there. All of their videos are fun, incredibly amazing, and very, very entertaining. TIME, Good Morning America, ESPN, NBC, Yahoo! and more are all news stations and sites that have reported on or featured How Ridiculous’ stunts and trick shots at some point. They are not only very creative in coming up with fun and challenging shots, which makes their videos interesting unique, and but they always make them in stylish fashion.

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