Featured Vid #231 – Action Movie Kid Volume 1

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Many kids around the world wish they had superpowers, wish they were more like their favorite characters from action movies like Star Wars, Marvel superhero movies, and more. Sadly, most are left pretending with toy lightsabers, costumes, and other accessories. But for Action Movie Kid, doing things usually only reserved for action movie stars fill his daily life, from lightsabers to grappling guns to rocket launchers.

Action Movie Kid is 4 years old, and in today’s featured video he does everything from jump over lava to destroy a shopping aisle with a lightsaber, of course, in an adorable way only a 4-year-old can. Action Movie Kid started out with just short clips of his adventures, posted by his dad, but eventually he had made enough to compile them in this collection. This is volume 1, and in the year since this was posted 2 more volumes has been added into the collection. With 25 million hits, the video has gained a lot of publicity, so much so that Action Movie Kid got to collaborate with Good Morning America, as you’ll see at the end of the video. Altogether, the video is certainly very funny and entertaining, and shows how a good imagination can make daily life much more interesting.

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