Featured Vid #235 – What’s It Like To Hear Colors?

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I’m going to make a guess here: you don’t see colors when you hear certain notes. Although for most of us this might seem obvious and slightly outlandish, but synesthesia is a very real and normal thing for those who have it. 1 in 21 people have synesthesia, a phenomenon that causes people to link together two different senses; in Kaitlyn Hova’s case, sound and sight.

Today’s featured video by DNews tells you all about what it’s like to have synesthesia, from someone with synesthesia. The video is 360, so if you’re on a computer use the WASD keys to move or on mobile just look around by holding up your phone. A fantastic use of the 360 feature, the video shows you what it’s like to have synesthesia through music performed by Kaitlyn Hova. Altogether, the video is very interesting and eye-opening, and a great demonstration of what it’s like to have the neurological phenomenon.

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