Channel Showcase: Final Cut King

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As we’ve learned from movies like The Last Airbender and pretty much all of the Star Wars prequels, special effects can’t make a movie great just by itself. Although species effects can be, if done right, incredibly stunning, but if a movie doesn’t have a story then it will most likely feel empty and missing something. For Vine star Zach King, special effects helped him rise to fame on the social media platform. And even though special effects are Zach King’s specialty, his videos (and Vines) are the perfect package of special effects and excellent plot lines.


In case you didn’t know, Vine is a social media platform that allows you to post videos only 6 seconds or less. While 6 seconds isn’t very long, plenty of people have used the platform to become famous in a wide variety of genres of videos, including comedy, music, special effects, and more. Vine’s video capabilities are fairly limited (though they have grown over the years), and the posting mechanism was originally limited to videos made in the app, which is a simple press and hold video system. So it seems like it would be hard to do special effects with such a simple, limited editing software, right? Well, Zach King and other Viners came up with a unique way of creating mind-bending special effects: simply stopping and starting the video. If you stop and start the video in just the right way, with some simple editing, you can make it look like, say, you are teleporting. It’s pretty easy, I’ve even tried it myself successfully. Above is a compilation of some of Zach’s best Vines from the past year to give you an idea of what he’s capable of doing. 

But Zach King takes that to a whole new level. Using premade backgrounds, intricate sets, and very well timed videography, Zach King rose to fame on the app with videos that would surely make you laugh in surprise. And now that’s he’s become a Vine star, Zach King has took to YouTube to create some pretty great YouTube videos involving just as much great special effects as in his Vines. Using the name Final Cut King, his official Vine moniker, Zach has gained almost 1 million subscribers on his channel, and has created some great videos, such as his remake of Star Wars with cats, his parody of Pikachu with a cat, his post-it version of Mario, and more. Altogether, Zach King is a great creator; he makes awesome Vines, experiments with the very medium of special effects using Vines, and of course, makes great YouTube videos as well.

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