Featured Vid #245 – The Best Way to Move Mountain Goats? Helicopters.

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I’m going to ask you a question you probably have never been asked before: what do you think is the best way to move goats between mountains? Say you have a couple goats on one mountain, and you really need to get them to the other mountain for whatever reason. Capturing them and carting them via trucks would not only be hard but time-consuming and unnecessarily difficult, and is pretty much the conventional way of moving any other animals. But on top of mountains, the technique doesn’t work. So what to do? Believe it or not, some people have actually come across this problem, and they came up with a brilliant solution: helicopters.

Yes, helicopters. Today’s featured video, by National Geographic, is one that will surely lighten your day, as it consists of goats riding in harnesses suspended from helicopters James Bond style. Even though the solution is funny to us, for the goat wranglers it’s actually a very efficient and time effective strategy. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, so for the time being, when goats need to be moved between mountains they will continue to ride in style.

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