Featured Vid #254 – The Science Of Snowflakes

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It may be only one day away from 2016, but that still doesn’t mean that the holidays are over! So to continue the “winter wonderland” holiday spirit, today’s video combines the snowy ideal holiday season (that many of us in the United States didn’t get) with some good old science. A popular symbol to represent winter and the holidays is a snowflake, not only because it literally makes up snow but also because of their interesting symmetrical beauty. As we all learn as kids, each individual snowflake is unique, but we don’t usually learn how exactly these snowflakes form in an unique way,¬†or even form at all.

Today’s featured video will answer exactly those questions. By TED-Ed, the video tells you all you need to know about snowflakes, even diving into the atomic bonds that make a snowflake possible in the first place. Paired with great animation, the video is a great way to learn science in a fun, holiday-themed way.

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