Featured Vid #269 – Do You Have Free Will?

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Here’s a question that you probably don’t know the answer to: do you have free will? You decided to click on this video after all, but was that already predecided? This may sound like I’m straying into the realm of the supernatural a little bit here, but there actually may be some science behind the argument for no real free will and predetermination. For instance, a study was conducted in 1983 that made people think twice about free will and what it all means.

In today’s featured video, you’ll learn all about different arguments for and against free will, including the experiment I mentioned above. Admittedly, the science behind free will is not at all concrete; the only real hypotheses for how free will could or couldn’t exist are really just elaborated guesses based off of preexisting science. But even still, free will certainly does make for an interesting topic of thought and conversation, as well as an interesting topic for a video, shown well by the video above, made by Life Noggin.

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