Featured Vid #282 – Math Magic

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Math is full of surprises. The least favorite subject of kids all over the world, math is usually known for its logical proofs and axioms, and definitely not know for surprisingĀ and fun tricks using quirks in the system. Luckily for us, Michael from Vsauce is here to point out those quirks, in the form of some card tricks. From cycles to simple probability to the incredibly mind-blowing size of the number 52 factorial, Michael talks all about math through the lens of cards tricks, and I have to say, it might be the most fun math I’ve ever learned. Not only is it interesting, but you can use it to mess with your friends and family. What more could you ask for?

Titled “Math Magic”, Michael does a great job of explaining the math and keeping the audience interested, which can sometimes be hard when talking about subjects like probability and mathematic cycles. (just kidding, I’m sure they’re both interesting subjects in their own right… just not interesting to most people) Altogether, while it is a 20 minute video, it’s 20 minutes well spent; learning, being entertained, and having your mind blown all at once.

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