Featured Vid #283 – 100,000,000 Years From Now

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Here’s an interesting hypothetical situation posed by Joe Hanson, the creator behind It’s Okay To Be Smart: let’s say an alien race came to Earth 100 million years from now, and homo sapiens are nowhere to be seen. What will they see, and will they be able to piece together the history of the planet well enough to discover the evidence of our existence? It’s been clear for many hundreds of years that humans have made an irreversible mark on the planet, from the climate to the wildlife to the physical features of the landmasses making up the Earth in the first place. But in 100 millions years, who knows what changes would be made to cover up our impact on the planet.

Well, in the video above, Joe answers that exact question. Using chemistry, geology, and other sciences,¬†the video tells us all about what the aliens would encounter, and if they could make out our existence in the rock, air, trees, and everything else. As it turns out, Joe’s answer is yes, they would notice us, mostly for our major negative impacts on the Earth like the 6th mass extinction we have caused,¬†increased temperatures, amounts of unnatural materials, nuclear waste levels, and more. It’s a slightly worrying answer, but perhaps spreading information like this may help us reign in our influence and future effect on our precious and fragile Earth.

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