Featured Vid #289 – How to Argue

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There’s a good chance that, sometime in your life, you have gotten into an argument. Whether a heated argument or level-headed argument between two intelligent individuals, arguments are sometimes pretty hard to avoid. Not only that, but it can be a very helpful skill to be good at them. That’s why today’s featured video, part of Crash Course’s new course on philosophy, teaches us all about the history or arguments, what makes up an argument, and how to make good ones. From Socrates to Bertrand Russel, the video allows you to take a step back and see arguments in a new light, away from the shouting matches typically associated with arguments and towards well thought out and interesting discussions.

There are many parts to a good argument, as you’ll learn in the video, but the main content of your argument are your premises: facts that you can use in conjunction with other premises to form hopefully prove your conclusion. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple, but the video above does a great job of explaining more about arguments and how to make them.

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