Featured Vid #302 – Most Amazing Robot Hand: Mind Blow #102

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Technology is constantly advancing at an astonishingly fast speed, faster than any other time in history. While we may not particularly notice it, with the only technological advances we notice is the annual new iPhone release, there really is a lot of fascinating projects out there currently breaking ground in many fields. Luckily for us, we have the Internet to keep us up to date on the advances made even day to day. And not only can we be more informed because of the Internet, we can also have that transferral of information be interesting and entertaining, just as it is in the video above by Vsauce2.

From crystal storage that can store 360 terabytes of information in a small, circular disk to underground three-lane roads to carry packages underneath cities in Switzerland, Kevin Leiber of Vsauce2 tells us about many technological advances made recently all over the world. Specifically, those that blow your mind, hence the title of the series the video is in, “Mind Blow”.

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