Featured Vid #306 – Emotional Technology

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So far, technology has gotten us a long way; the world’s knowledge at our fingertips with the Internet, worldwide travel within a day with air travel, and reaching the moon and beyond with space exploration using robots, satellites, orbiters, and more. And yet we still haven’t made any large strides in the one field that would make the biggest difference in our daily lives: what the video above calls “Emotional Technology”. Emotional technology is technology that uses sensors, specifically designed algorithms, and other future, yet-to-be-invented tech to read our emotions, desires, potential, etc., and uses it to help improve parts of our life we happen to be not too great at.

In this interesting and insightful video by The School Of Life, you’ll learn all about the projected impact of emotional technology on our lives, in particular, 4 technologies they predict will branch out of emotional technology that may have a significant effect on our daily lives.

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