Featured Vid #312 – This Pi Day is Round

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As you might remember, last year on March 14th the world collectively took a little time out of their day to eat pie and celebrate the unofficial holiday that is Pi Day. And last year was an extra special Pi Day, as it was (at least in the American style-notation) 3/14/15, five whole digits of Pi. Just a couple days ago it was Pi Day again this year, although not as glamorous as the amazing Super Pi Day last year, this year only denoted as 3/14/16. But actually, 3/14/16 may be, somehow, even more of a Super Pi Day than 3/14/15 is.

At least, that’s what Vi Hart¬†argues in this great video on the real meaning of Pi Day, Super Pi Day, and the seemingly disappointing 3/14/16. She argues that, really, 3/14/16 is even more of an exciting Pi Day than last year. The video is interesting, entertaining, and surprisingly¬†insightful for a video about the difference between two notations of two meaningless days in two different years.

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