Featured Vid #314 – How Many Trees Are There?

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Trees are a quintessential part of life on Earth; they’ve been around for hundreds of millions of years, give off the oxygen we need to live, and are incredibly important to ecosystems across the world. It’s hard not to love trees, especially on a hot sunny day. But as you probably know, deforestation is a huge problem for trees around the globe, a process in which people cut down trees (sometimes illegally) to get wood to sell or land for agriculture. This has drastically reduced the population of forests such as the Amazon and Borneo, cutting down 15% – 20% of the Amazon Rainforest in a matter of 50 years.

Joe Hansen, the creator behind the YouTube channel It’s Okay To Be Smart, made the video above to help inform us about one key statistic about trees: how many are there? It may seem like a hard question, and it is. But hard questions are no match for science, and using satellite technology and tree density measurements, a couple estimates were made. I won’t give away the number, but I can say that the video above explains the question very well, as well as being entertaining, so if you are at all curious I would suggest watching it.

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