Featured Vid #319 – What Is a Photocopier?

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To the younger people among us, the title of this video might be a legitimate question: what is a photocopier? But at least they can use logic, and the obvious self-explanative nature of the word, to figure out what roughly a photocopier might be. But surely anyone out of their teenage years must know what one is, and most likely have used one many times over. They are pretty ubiquitous, after all, or at least they were before the miracle of the Internet, personal computers, and smart printers.

That’s what makes the video above so ridiculous. The video is a dramatization of real exchange, and one that went way beyond the normal boring standards of such a conversation. The exchange was between an attorney, a lawyer, and a defendant in a case about charging for using a photocopier in a government office. The conversation went out of hand when the defendant refused to acknowledge that he knew what a photocopier was, and the attorney refused to take no for an answer. Made by the New York Times, the video is not only a very well made short film, but also an entertaining dramatisation of a somehow real exchange.

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