Featured Vid #323 – Google Cardboard Plastic

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Virtual reality has been sweeping the tech world recently, Oculus Rift starting the wave and larger companies like Microsoft and Sony jumping into the growing industry in the last year or two. I’ve been to a conference entirely dedicated to AR and VR, and I have to say, it’s some pretty exciting stuff. The capabilities are truly endless. Even Google entered the fray with Google Cardboard, a cheap, low-end VR headset made of cardboard and run through your average Android phone. It’s not the highest quality VR experience, to say the least, but it is good enough to give the average Joe a small taste of what is possible with the technology.

But Google isn’t stopping at just VR. In this great video made by Google themselves for this year’s April Fools Day prank, Google “announced” their new product, Google Cardboard Plastic. Google Cardboard Plastic is a new plastic version of Google Cardboard that allows you to see the world as it really is, completely immersively and fully interactable.¬†After all, what’s more real than… reality?

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