Featured Vid #324 – Donald Trump’s Huge Campaign Announcement

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By now, we are all familiar with Donald J. Trump, the real estate mogul, television personality, and as of about a year ago apparently a┬ápolitician. He’s taken the Republican party by storm, disrupting the traditional conservative establishment agenda by drawing away millions of voters to his campaign. Along his journey to the top of the party, Trump said some pretty amazingly outrageous things, from his comment about how Mexicans are rapists and criminal to him saying, quote, “I love the poorly educated!”.

Released yesterday (hint hint, April 1st), today’s featured video was made by Jimmy Kimmel Live’s YouTube channel, supposedly about Trump’s “huge campaign announcement”. In the video, Trump himself (or so it seems) talks about his campaign so far, and how it is in fact (SPOILER ALERT) a giant April Fools joke. Yes, he was just pranking us. Of course, the credibility of this video is very questionable if not blanantly false, as Kimmel is notorious for crafting pranks around April Fools Day. Still, it is very entertaining, if not giving the rest of the American public who is against Trump a tiny sliver of hope that it was all in fact an elaborate prank.

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