Featured Vid #330 – Inside the mind of a master procrastinator

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You may have, at one point or another, found yourself procrastinating. Whether through browsing the Internet, playing console or mobile games, or even watching videos on YouTube such as the one above, procrastination is pretty hard to avoid in a world full of deadlines and due dates. To those of us who succumb more easily to procrastination, it can seem like deadlines just sneak up on us so quickly, and then suddenly your paper is due tomorrow and you haven’t written a word.

The video above is a TED talk given by Tim Urban, a blogger and co-founder of the website Wait But Why, in which Tim tell the audience all about procrastination, his experience with it, and his hypothesis for why people procrastinate in the first place. Being a blogger/cartoonist, Tim tells the story in a hilarious, and yet very interesting and informative way, making the talk all the more enjoyable. Altogether, Tim does a wonderful job giving an entertaining and yet still insightful talk, telling us about the inner workings of our minds as we procrastinate.


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