Featured Vid #332 – Star Wars: A New Chapter For The Serial

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I’m beginning to lose track of the amount of times Star Wars, the original trilogies or the newest installment, has been the subject of videos I’ve featured on this website. Today’s featured video is no exception, using the example of the 7 Star Wars movies to explore a genre of books, movies, and comics alike: the serial. Serial books or movies are so ubiquitous these days that it’s easy for one to forget how influential they were when first introduced, and how much they shaped the modern media landscape of today.

In this fantastic video by The Nerdwriter, you’ll learn all about the history of the serial, from Charles Dickins’ first couple serial books all the way to the most recent installment of Star Wars, The Force Awakens. Despite what you may first think, the history of the serial is actually very interesting, and The Nerdwriter tells the story in a fascinating and very entertaining way.

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