Featured Vid #333 – Safe and Sorry: Terrorism & Mass Surveillance

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Ever since the massive government leaks made by Edward Snowden in June of 2013, our collective security concerning technology has been brought to the forefront of our attention and concerns. The argument still rages on, 3 years later; is what government agencies around the world, the NSA in particular, are doing good for our country, helping in the war on terrorism, and most importantly, an infringement on our personal privacy? On which side does the scale lie?

While everyone has their own opinion on this topic, there are a couple things that are for certain. One such fact is that the NSA has been collecting tons and tons of data on every one of us, which if taken individually may feel like an infringement on our privacy. What isn’t quite so clear is if all this data collecting is even doing anything, whether or not it’s worth it to keep amassing all this data. Today’s featured video explores this topic in depth, talking about all the positive and negative effects of the data collection.┬áThe video does a great job of explaining the topic, and after watching you’ll be well informed and able to form your own, well-informed opinion.

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