Featured Vid #336 – Animation Explores the Beautiful Circles of Our World

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Nature is full of sometimes unbelievable similarities in often completely unrelated organisms, even sometimes representing certain abstract mathematical concepts, such as the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Sequence. While today’s featured video doesn’t explain any of these similarities, it does explore one of the most simple mathematical concepts as it appears in nature: the circle. As the title says, there are many “Beautiful Circles of Our World”, and the video above shows them all in spectacular fashion.

Made by Chromosphere, an animation and design company working out of LA for National Geographic, the video is a stunning animation¬†highlighting circles in many different natural settings from space to jellyfish to Antarctica. While perhaps not the most informative video I’ve ever featured, every single animation in the video is simply spectacular, fantastically well put-together and aesthetically brilliant. Perhaps one of my favorite animations I’ve ever seen on YouTube, the video does a great job of picking out circles in many different animated scenes, as well as making those animations incredibly well made to begin with.

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