Featured Vid #342 – How A TV Show Gets Made

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With the incredible rise of the television decades ago, and recently the rise of on-demand viewing using services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and more, scripted fictional television shows have been getting more and more popular. Shows like The Walking Dead, NCIS, Game Of Thrones, and more have made their way into popular culture, drawing hundreds of thousands if not millions of viewers per episode. For the average consumer, most television shows are presented to them in one final package, a 20-30 minute program ready for consuming. Many hours of work are put into every episode, from the original screenwriting to the final color correction and special effects.

The video above, made by Vox, explains what goes into an average 20 minute, 10 episode television series. Made shows are made in a relatively short period of time, and in that time everyone working on the project is completely immersed in the story and in trying to make it come to life. It’s fascinating to see what goes into an average TV show, and knowing how much effort is put into any one episode makes me appreciate the average TV show much more.

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