Featured Vid #349 – The World’s Greatest Internet Troll Explains His Craft

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We’ve all seen trolls on the Internet. It’s inevitable that when you are browsing Reddit, the comment section of a YouTube video, or even older sites like Yahoo or Yahoo Answers, you’ll eventually run into some troll. Whether purposely sparking debate or simply making a funny/sarcastic/snide remark trolls are everywhere. But they usually don’t get as much attention for their “craft” – that is, unless you’re Ken M.

Ken M. is one of the few kind of trolls that falls on the good side of the spectrum. He has been successfully Internet trolling for many years now, rampaging through the comment sections of the Internet with stupid, not mean, just stupid statements. For instance, he once claimed that the cells in our body don’t die, they’re just recycled, and that our cells are the same cells that were in the Earth and in dinosaurs millions of years ago. Harmless, but still funny to see the reaction. In the interesting and funny video above, Vox interviews Ken M. about what it’s like to be one of the most popular Internet trolls, how we became as popular as he is now, and how he keeps up the consistent, hilarious, trolling.

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